Since the lauch of the « SOS Kavumu » project at the end of March, we have received record breaking donations!

Together with the fund-raising concert of Philippe Decourroux and your donations, more than 10'000 CHF have already been collected to help women in DRC who have been victims of sexual assault and encourage the return in their communities.
The project needs 30'000 CHF in order to be brought to its end, and the already collected amount is a very encouraging indicator for the beneficiaries.

We thank you deeply for your so precious help that will enable us to rapidly put into place the first income-generating activities: rabbit breeding, associated to training that will then start, followed by donation of rabbits, nutritional follow-up and the care they need. Therefore, the women will regain hope and dignity.

Everything is possible thanks to you, and on behalf of the women of Kavumu, we thank you once more!

Do not hesitate to follow us on our  website and the social networks to be informed about the project’s progress !


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